Apelantia is a stand-alone brand and is in no way associated with any third party projects.


  • What is an NFT?
 Non-fungible tokens.

  • What is Apelantia about?
 3,000 Apes, three factions.

  • Can I choose my faction?

  • What is the purpose of the factions?

  • How do I participate in the game?
 Buy an NFT from the official website.

  • Where can I learn more about the lore of Apelantia?
 The Apelantia novel coming soon on our official website.

  • Do I need to read the Novel?
 No, but you probably should.

  • Does Genesis count as a faction?
 You tell us :)

  • Can Genesis holders participate in faction wars?
 Yes. Genesis has the ability to pledge allegiance to a faction of their choice once every new season.

  • How can I form a guild within my faction?
 Guilds are still under development. More information soon.

  • How can I buy a PAC NFT?
 You will be able to mint Apelantians on our official website. Check official-links.

  • When is the launch date?
 The launch date will be announced soon.

  • How can I join the Whitelist?
 Join the discord, and check our whitelist-requirements channel

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